Important Information About DC Refers

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DC Refers is an online directory of lawyers and mediators. Using the DC Refers online directory to try to find help does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Lawyers and mediators may decide not to accept your case for any reason.

DC Refers does not guarantee the outcome of any case, or that you will find a lawyer or mediator to take your case, even if your income qualifies you for reduced rates.

If your household income is less than 400% of the federal poverty guidelines, every lawyer and mediator in our directory promises that, if they accept your case, they will charge no more than $150 per hour or the flat-fee equivalent of that rate for their services, well below the DC average of $380 per hour.

If your household income is too high to qualify for reduced fee services, you may still seek a lawyer or mediator from the DC Refers directory, but they may charge you more than $150 per hour.

If a lawyer or mediator takes your case, they will enter into a written retainer agreement with you. The retainer agreement will describe the work the lawyer will do for you and the fees the lawyer will charge.

Lawyers and mediators may charge consultation fees to talk with you and evaluate your case. Consultation fees should be consistent with our reduced fee policy. A lawyer may ask you to sign a retainer agreement for an initial consultation.

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DC Refers is an online listing of qualified attorneys who are willing to represent modest-means clients at below-market rates.

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